Confidential SEO Secrets Revised and Expanded 2010 Edition

This book has a single purpose and that is to give you a set of proven search engine optimization techniques. I include examples, and a walk-through that you can easily implement on your website. Search engine optimization is becoming more vital every day as more and more people are using search engines to find information.

I’ve been building and optimizing websites for over 16 years. In the beginning, I used paid marketing or advertising to promote my websites. Now I rely solely on search engines to attract visitors and customer. Sixteen years later my search engine optimization techniques have stood the test of time and search engine changes and, in the process, helped me to keep my overhead low.

"Solid Information. Worthwhile reading. I have been involved with search engine optimization for several years, and do a great job at promoting my sites. I can say with confidence that this book is a good one." ~ Kevin P. Ellens

"Excellent resource! Allen Harkleroad wrote an thorough, in-depth SEO resource. The writing is simple, how-to fashion, which doesn't leave you confused and lost. Excellent for beginners and veterans alike. If you follow all the steps in Confidential SEO secrets, your traffic is bound to improve." ~ Tali "Comic lover" (Petah Tiqwa, Israel)

"Knows his stuff. I've had advice from the author and he knows what he's talking about and HOW to explain it. Great book." ~ S. W. Shanks

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