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Introduction... let me introduce myself to you


Please let me first introduce myself. My name is Justin Richards and I'm a 22 years old man living in the Birth place of country music (TENNESSEE).

Considering that you're reading a "book" you may think I'm a writer... but I'm not... and that's why I'll ask you from the very beginning to bear with me and with any mistakes that may occur...

In fact I'm a SEO engineer - one of those people that stand behind any page that appears in the first place when you make a search for a competitive keyword on Google or Yahoo.

Now that I presented myself let's talk a little bit about you... But... better not... because in fact I already know you...

Don't understand me wrong... I'm not a magician and I don't know for FBI either... So I don't know if you're white or black, man or woman, young or old, single or married or any other details of this kind...

But what I know is the reason why you are here...

You have a web page and you want to make money with it.

A few time ago you decided that you can sell a great product or a great service on-line... that will help you earn lots of cash.

And for that you built a gorgeous looking page; upload it on the web and wait for customers to come and make you hear the sound of money.

But a few weeks passed and only scatter customers visited the site... and your estimations proved to be wrong.

After that you probably realized that you have to do something to promote your site and attract visitors. And that was the moment when you probably start submitting your site to major search engines and directories. But another few weeks passed and visitors still didn't come to your site.

That's probably the situation at this moment... you still have that great site and that great product/service, but you're desperate about the absence of the customers...

But stop worrying... now that you found this book your life will change and your business will get a new face. I promise you that.

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