Mastering Search Analytics: Measuring SEO, SEM and Site Search

Improve your search marketing strategy. With this comprehensive guide, you learn what data to collect, how to analyze it, and how to act upon it to make data-driven decisions. Learn how to develop everything from an executive level dashboard and ROI measurement to a deep analysis of a specific term or word to see how it can improve your overall ranking.

The book includes an overview of analytic tools and how they work with either your SEO arsenal or your ability to unearth market opportunity and analyze competitors. Learn how and when you should use each metric presented, and discover how to improve the search experience for both customers and spiders. It's ideal for search specialists, webmasters, and search marketing managers.

  • Get in-depth coverage of a vital topic that isn't covered in detail elsewhere
  • Manipulate and correlate different data sets to provide accountable and actionable analytics
  • Learn the difference between macro, micro, value, and action metrics
  • Use site audit results to further optimize a page, site section, or the entire site
  • Provide metrics to help sell the value of search to executives in your company

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