Search Engine Optimization; How to Manage SEO Projects and Increase Search Engine Ranking

This book explains how search engines operate and the ways that can help increase the ranking of search engine results. You will learn the fundamentals of how search engines create indexes that are used to rank web pages and how they value inbound links, content relevance and metadata valuation. You will learn why inbound links from popular web sites are important and ways to get links from these sites. Learn how search engines may reduce value or penalize for attempting to trick them using link farms, hidden keywords and redundant content. How to find and select the right keywords is described along with the importance of placing them in key positions such as in the title, headings and close to the top of the content area. Included are design tips to help make your web site and pages search engine friendly. Discover how content is becoming more important to search engines and how to find or create content that the search engines like. Explained are various ways that can be used to measure the success and economic performance of your SEO projects.

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