SEO Boot Camp, 2nd edition: The SEO 101 Training Manual

Providing a broad SEO 101 experience and updated for 2011, this is the easiest way for busy people to learn about search engine optimization techniques as well as SEO tools, the tie with Social Media, content development tips, how to use a Google Adwords to help your SEO and more. This course is designed for people interested in SEO who work for or run small businesses, corporations or non-profits. No matter what type organization you work for, it's important that your website show up in the search engines for the right keywords. While this has been true for several years (especially since the meteoric growth of Google's search engine), the tactics for getting found have evolved over time. Learn the latest tactics, including "on-page SEO" musts, "off-page SEO" strategies, how to create the right content for your site, how to leverage Social Media and how to learn from pay-per-click campaigns. Get ready for the Boot Camp that will boost your business! Specific topics covered: - Basics of Search Engines and SEO - Tie your SEO to your company strategy - Learn from Customers and Competitors - Create your keyword list - Your Web site and SEO - Learn from Web site analytics - Develop a search engine optimization scorecard (and related tools) - 19 SEO essentials explained - Link-building tactics - "Killer" content creation tactics - Combining Social Media and SEO - Optional Pay-per-click advertising test campaign - Tools, Templates and Glossary of key terms This book contains extra: - Checklists - Templates - Lists of SEO tools (over 50 tools) - An overall SEO process

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