The Complete SEO Checklist - e-Business Marketing Power Tools

This is a fast, easy-to-follow, and complete checklist to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of all 4 major elements of your SEO program. This book is an easy read that provides a can-do list of tricks of the SEO trade that anyone can implement immediately. This is an actionable guide that tells you exactly what to do without fluff.

Here’s what’s in it:

• How to write content for both user experience and search engine optimization

• Specific instructions on how to find the keywords to draw lots of traffic, but are easy to optimize for because they have minimal competition.

• All 28 on-page elements that can optimized, how important each is to SEO, and exactly how to optimize that element. If you optimize all of these elements, you have left nothing to chance.

• How to use open source initiatives and testimonials to gain links

• Lots of ways to use your blog to draw links to your site.

• Clever tactics that use local community sites and your college’s alumni pages to draw links.

• A number of highly effective techniques to gauge the competitiveness of potential keywords and phrases. The less competitive the key word is, the easier it is to get first-page ranking. If you want to get found, you want to be absolutely certain that you are not trying to optimize for overly competitive key words. This book shows you exactly how to do that.

• 31 inventive ways to draw links to your site. No SEO skill is required to put these resouceful tips in practice right away.

• A specific step-by-step plan to ensure the success of the most important element of your SEO campaign – the continuous addition of optimized content to your site.

Run your web site through this extensive checklist. You are almost guaranteed to find elements that you can fix right away which have been overlooked in your SEO program.

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