5 Great SEO Tips for Creating Traffic to your Site!

1) When you are signing up for a new domain name for a website make certain to embed the main keyword you are going after right in your domain name. Its the main way the search engines find you. For example, if you are in the insurance business a great domain name would be insuranceservices.com If that is already taken do not despair, by simply adding a hyphen to the domain, making it insurance-services.com you will still have the search engines loving you!

2) Use software you can afford to improve your search engine rankings. Go to SEO Software on Google and enter that phrase. Some great software can be found by entering the SEO Software phrase plus the + free after it, You do not have to pay for everything!!!

3) Leave comments on Blogs. But how do you find blogs that accept comments you ask??? use Google Alerts. Go to the google homepage and go to the word "more" at the top of the page all the way to the right. Then click on that word. Go to the bottom and click on even more. You will find google alerts on that page right at the top.

4) Use Google alerts to send topics of interest to you via your email. Form questions to use the service. In my case I look for website design and SEO, so I have a couple of alerts that read "need SEO?" why do I need SEO?" and "do I need website design?" You should recieve the alerts in real time so use the dropdown menu and choose as it happens. Also choose comprehensive to receive as many releveant alerts as possible.

5) Go on blogs and post your comment. I post on website designers blogs as well as SEO specialists blogs. You would be surprised how many retain your comments even though you are competition. So this is relevant for you if you are into dolls for example, you should think of a tip that isn't intimidatring to your comptetition, such as doll's eyes, where to get them. and post a tip you know about buying doll's eyes. This is relevant to SEO because other people who read the blog will read your tip, and if its a good one, they will click on your name, which will take them to your website! Good luck with all these tips my friend!

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