Brighter SEO - Organic Search Engine Optimization (Brighter Marketing)

Learn: the key building blocks of the SEO Power Pyramidâ„¢ and see what a strength it is in you marketing if you systematically build each block with strength.

Discover: There are two views of every web page, one you see and one Google sees.

Analyze: Quickly find what are the most important key words for your site. Not the ones you are guessing at, the ones for which there is hard data.

Implement: A complete behind the scenes clean up of your website page titles and page names, all with keywords and descriptions.

Registration: Learn what the linking game is all about, and how to properly register your website with many valid niche search products and directories.

Strategy: SEO does not guarantee leads in short term, but it is a very low cost great differentiator. Use a blog to keep it current. Write some articles, even a book and be an industry spokesperson has always worked for PR. Now use it to cash in on SEO search keywords and links too.

Build: A solid foundation is required for your SEO Power Pyramid: Website, Registration and Blogging.

Protect: But your competitors may be doing the same, so protect your differentiation and quantity of inbound links with a very active rich content program and supplement it with modern PR too.

Social Media: Similarly, social media is no longer a separate marketing tactic or strategy. It too plays a major role in search engine success. But where do you start? What are the most important trails and forums right now?

Methodologies: Not based on the experienced practices of good consultants, rather based on the actual examples of people who had to win the wars to keep their businesses alive on shoe string budgets. Now you don't have to pay consultants a lot of money to tell you all of this.

Suitability: For every small business or even sole proprietor business. If you can write and do basic web fixes, do it yourself. Alternatively, pay a student or intern but police it yourself.

Branding: Consistent use of brand values, brand names, brand keywords and brand tone all lead to greater awareness of your brand, by both humans and search robots. Similarly, better success with the internet's most important tools helps build great human brand awareness.

SEO search on laptopCaution: May offend some of your creative agencies - they may want more flash and dash for the humans, as they spoil your SEO rankings. It is not about spending more money or paying for ads. It is about things behind the scenes that anyone with some basic knowledge of computers and website's can do.

Effectiveness: Like PR, cannot generate specific leads next week say. But when it works the pay off is enormous and usually has the best ROI of any marketing efforts over the long haul.

Growth: An absolute basic must if you want to grow your business nationwide without expensive national marketing campaigns. Now you can take your campaigns across the country, or to specific geographies, simply by controlling your content and keywords. Electronic networking takes you places where you could never personally network, and with a self-selecting proper prospect base.

Step by Step: No you don't have to stop your day job. Yes you need to do something small each week to stay ahead of the game.

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