E-Commerce Guide to SEO, Copywriting, and Social Media

In the first edition of this e-commerce primer, accomplished Web Developer, Dan Cannon, covers a number of topics including:

Chapter 1: Introduction
The introduction lays out what we will be covering throughout the rest of the book.

Chapter 2: Types of E-Commerce Sites
We will briefly look at different types of e-commerce sites and their function.

Chapter 3: General SEO Tips, Tricks and Techniques
This chapter will cover general SEO tips, tricks, and techniques for your website

Chapter 4: Product Reviews and Why You Need Them
Product reviews are very important to your site. This chapter explains why

Chapter 5: Leveraging Social Media
Like it or not social media is here to stay. Learn how to leverage this new media.

Chapter 6: Hiring People to Help
Hiring people to work on your e-commerce site can be scary and overwhelming. Keep these tips and tricks in mind.

Chapter 7: Measuring Results
You need to measure everything you are doing on your site.

Chapter 8: Conclusions
What we've learned and what to do next.

Who Should Read This Book?

- Anyone looking to start an e-commerce site
- Anyone who is tired of overly technical articles and books on SEO, copy writing, social media, and e-commerce
- Anyone who wants to increase sales on their e-commerce site.
- Anyone who is looking to hire a professional to work on their e-commerce site. This book will teach you the questions to ask potential vendors so you won't get burned.
- Anyone who has an interest in basic SEO, social media and e-commerce subjects

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