Googles Grace - SEO - Search Engine Optimization with Fun and Success

Semecom, a modern and innovative website, is devastated. Big boss Google dislikes her and gives her a negative page rank – although she deserves the best available in cyberspace, or so she thinks. Joining forces with an old Commodore, she sets out to convince Google that her valuable content needs to be made accessible to every user at fast speed. This is going to change the run of the world – on that she is certain.

On their way through cyberspace, the two get to know all facets of the internet and cyberspace. They encounter several websites and ingenious optimization counselors from whose experience Semecom is to profit at first – until there comes the meeting that is going to change all.

“Google’s Grace” humorously narrates the daily struggle for the best, search engine optimized content (SEO content). It alone guarantees a website’s place on page ONE of Google’s results. But what is valuable content? What ranking criteria does Google adhere to, and what when Google overlooks precious content?

The story is entertaining and worth reading for everyone in search of successful search engine optimization on the web – whether it be by means of unique content, SEO content, or other optimization measures. The rapid transition in technology and, as a consequence thereof, the social consequences are revealed with humor and a sense of sympathy. One eye winking quizzically, the reading informs the reader on how search engine optimization (SEO) will function.

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