How to Backlink: Using the NEW Linkerati to Reach Page 1 of Google

How to Backlink: Using the NEW Linkerati to Reach Page 1 of Google is the one place where Brian Horn peels back the curtain on advanced link building strategies and techniques.

These same tricks earned him the moniker "The Be On Page 1 Guru" from Inc Magazine.

Within the book you are holding in your hands, Brian will peel back the curtains on exactly how he helps his highest-paying clients literally DOMINATE Google's page ranks, including:

  • An underground ninja strategy (Code Named: "____________ SEO") that will allow you to *ethically* siphon off traffic from your competition without them even knowing it - wait until you see how easy this is set up
  • Exactly how to secure a proprietary set of backlinks from Ivy League Universities that will not only make your site an instant authority, it will literally FORCE Google to rank you at the top of Page 1 (Brian's top clients do NOT want you knowing about this)
  • Brian will reveal his "Celebrity Linking" tactic that got him a link from one of the most well know CEO's in the world - and how you can get celebrities to link to your site for instant credibility in Google's eyes
  • The single greatest key to ranking #1 in Google that 99% of so-called 'experts' don't even KNOW (just implementing this one strategy will rocket your site to the top of Google mountain)
  • This is YOUR chance to finally gain the UNFAIR advantage enjoyed by the TOP marketers in the world.

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