Little Black Book of SEO Secrets

Whether we're talking search engines like Google, Yahoo! or Bing - or open content sites like YouTube or Craigslist - the same principle applies: It's all about being on page one. With 96 percent of consumers never making it past the first page of search results, that first page of search has become the most prized and coveted real estate on the Internet. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is primarily about making sure a website has the critical components necessary for search engines to index and display its contents. The focus of the Little Black Book of SEO Secrets is developing content that is both relevant and authoritative. There are no black hat tactics in this book, and no chasing algorithms. "Do it right and sleep at night" is the mantra of this little black book. Solid, fundamental search components and how they work together is what the reader will get. Whether you want to become a search analyst, train in-house SEO analysts, or just know enough so you don't get scammed by a less than ethical SEO company, this little black book will meet the needs. Jim Adams shares SEO secrets he's learned over the last 11 years as a search engine analyst. Jim's unique ability to analyze patterns and trends, along with his obsessive personality, has placed him in a category among the most skilled SEO talents on the Internet. Though spending most of his SEO time in the real estate industry, he has successfully implemented SEO in the retail, industrial, hospitality, and fitness industries.

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