Search Engine Optimization: Do It Yourself - Kindle Bestseller (The Definitive Do It Yourself Guide to SEO)

“The most helpful and inexpensive guide for anyone wanting to become an instant SEO expert.”

Author Christopher Nelson is an SEO expert with vast experience in the field, having successfully optimized literally thousands of websites. In this book, he not only shares his knowledge, but also the wisdom he's gained from dealing with the quirks and changes within the search engines over time. After reading this book, you will understand SEO and search engines in a brand new light. The knowledge that this author presents is as easy to understand as it is informative and surprisingly fun to read. Through this incredibly accessible guide, Christopher Nelson has succeeded in transferring his knowledge (and wisdom) of search engine optimizing to the reader.

The only SEO guide you’ll ever need is right here. In short, it will help you to understand everything you need to know about SEO.


• The most effective information on how to get started immediately.

• Access to an interactive FAQ on the web that allows you to ask questions and get answers directly from the author.

• Simple explanations of how the search engines *actually* work.

• Images, links, and screen shots to help you know exactly what to look for.

• Complete and thorough explanations of the Top Three SEO Concepts.

• Walks you through the most helpful optimizations for your website.

• Get the most from even the "least important" tactics of SEO.

• SEO Cheat Sheet for quick, simple references on how and what to optimize.

• Personal tips from the author throughout the entire guide.

• Plus lots more!

After reading this eBook, you’ll never again have to worry about SEO; what to know, how to do it, or what to do next.

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