SEO and Relationship Building for Local Businesses

Whether the operation that you run is large or small, every business needs a web site.
As more and more consumers join the online revolution, it is no longer enough to advertise what you do and the things you have to offer in traditional ‘offline’ ways. Every one of those consumers is a prospect and potential customer for your business, and it is therefore imperative that you get your message out to as many of them as possible, and that means using the internet.
No matter how much of a technophobe you or your colleagues might be, there is really only one answer nowadays to satisfactorily achieving the degree of market ‘reach’ you need. You and your business have to be on the internet, but you have to do the job of having your business presented to the internet community in the right way.
Hence, it is important that you learn what that ‘right’ way is, because not everyone that claims to be a ‘web site’ expert is the real thing. In addition, there are many factors about the web site that you create (or have created) that will dictate how effective that site is.
What this book is designed to do is to teach you the fundamentals about what a web site is, what it can do and perhaps most importantly, how you can make sure that it achieves the things that is should be capable of achieving for your business.
This is not to say that this book is going to teach you how to design or build a web site – even though doing so is almost ludicrously easy nowadays, I am assuming that you are not planning to build your site yourself.
However, the chances are that after reading this book you will be able to make a very good ‘stab’ at basic web site creation if necessary, because many of the fundamentals of site creation ‘cross over’ with what is known as search engine optimization (SEO), which is the main focus of this book.
Let us therefore begin by looking at why you would want – sorry, scratch that, need – a web site for your business, irrespective of whether your company is large or small, brand new or well established.

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