SEO Help: 20 Search Engine Optimization steps to get your website to Google's #1 page

Help your website be found without spending a fortune.

Every webmaster and every website owner wants the same thing: to see their website on Google's first page and to keep it there.

SEO Help is a practical, step-by-step guide which in 20 easy-to-understand chapters gives you the kind of practical advice a leading SEO engineer would give you if he were standing over your shoulder and helped you search engine optimize your website. 
An optimized website gets:

  • Greater online visibility 
  • More targeted visitors 
  • More online sales and advertising enquiries
What usually stops you from succeeding in the online world is the fact that by the time you learn the valuable lessons you need to apply you have also ran out of time and money.

SEO Help helps you gain both time and money by showing you how to avoid costly mistakes and apply technical shortcuts which will help you optimize your website fast.

Totally accessible, with complete, step-by-step details and no need of any deep know-how, it gives you the distilled knowledge of a successful search engine optimizer. Provided you follow the advice in each one to the letter your website will start to outperform your competitors' and you will be well on your way to search engine dominance and online success.

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