SEO Help (Online Success Series)

The entire point of this book is to help you make smart choices that will accomplish three things:

They will save you time.
They will save you money.
They will help you make money.

These are the three criteria upon which a step-by-step process, put together by a leading search engine optimizer, allows any website owner eager to make an impact on the organic search engine results pages (SERPs) begin to optimize his website in a concerted, targeted, organized manner.

The matter-of-fact tone employed throughout the book and plain English language used is a refreshing change from the constant barrage of acronyms and tech-speak that most search engine optimizers seem to adopt.

The author is an established SEO expert with a decade's experience of leading website owners to online success. The book is practical and its twenty chapters can be read sequentially or dipped into as required.

Having been field-tested with new website owners for a year it has an edge on anything practical in terms of SEO because what it offers is totally accessible. It promises to save any website owner a bundle spent on SEO firm contracts by allowing them to use the exact same knowledge and exact same SEO techniques which experienced search engine optimizers put into practice in order to drive websites to search engine dominance, organically.

This is a perfect book if:

-You have a new website and want to begin to optimize it fast.

-You have an established website and you want to help improve its position on search engines (and Google in particular).

-You are interested in the practical aspects of search engine optimization (SEO).

-You want to start paying less for SEO and being more in control of what is done to help your website (and why).

-You want to improve your own SEO skills and knowledge.

-You want to start making money online by having your websites perform better.

Split into 20 easy-to-understand chapters it gives you complete URLs, online tools, total access to deep SEO knowledge and the exact processes to apply for fast, effective SEO results.

A necessary addition to any SEO or SEM (search engine marketing) library, it is also a vital tool in any SEO armory. Carry it with you on your smartphone, eBook reader or laptop or PC and use it, at will, to help achieve online search engine dominance for your website.    

Within ten days of publication the paper version of this book made the Amazon 100 Best-Sellers list in the USA, UK and Canada. It continues to dominate the SEO book sales charts.

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