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Dear fellow marketer,

Your website, blog, product or service might be the best in the world, but if the WRONG people are visiting your site, or even worse NO visitors are coming, your business is going to die.

The days of building a website and just waiting for traffic to come along are long gone, if they ever actually existed at all.

Most people who try to sell online get it seriously wrong from the planning stage.

They spend all their time, energy and most of their budget creating a product and then building a website that looks nice.

Three weeks later they've got very few sales, even less money and are ready to quit.

When I plan a new product I start with one word on my planning sheet:


Because as an experienced marketer I know that if that particular problem isn't sorted out, then the rest of my site might just as well be made of chocolate.

Even established marketers recognize that traffic generation is probably the main problem they'll face with any new product or business.

So imagine how hard it is for a newcomer to internet marketing to actually start driving traffic to his sites.

And even if he DOES manage to start a trickle of visitors arriving, his problems have really only just begun.

Unless you get the RIGHT sort of visitor then your sales, conversions and results just won't be what you hope.

1. You need traffic

2. You need the RIGHT KIND of traffic.

But where do you start?

Where does a relative newcomer to internet marketing learn how to drive the right kind of visitor to his site?

And I'm not just talking sales here either.

Unless you can drive targeted traffic to your sites you're seriously going to struggle building a list, establishing any sort of buying relationship with your visitors and ultimately, nobody is going to know who you are or how good your products are.

It's a lose - lose situation unless you know how to do it correctly.

And if you're an affiliate marketer the news is just as bad!

Sure you might not need to build any websites of your own, but you still need to get people clicking on your affiliate link.

And that means driving targeted traffic to them.

The skills required are just the same.

The good news is that you no longer need to waste your time, energy and money searching round various products and systems of driving traffic.

Because we've put together a compilation of PROVEN traffic generation methods that is easy to follow for newcomers but deadly effective when it comes to getting the people you want to your site.


The 'Newbie Guide To Targeted Traffic'

We'll show you how to get laser-targeted traffic to your websites, even if you've no previous experience of traffic generation systems.

And we'll do it in no-nonsense ways that mean you can get your traffic generation methods up and running in next to no time at all!

Here's just a sample of what's included in this great publication:

We break down the SEO barriers and cut through the jargon

Top deadly effective SEO tips you can implement immediately

The secret of site maps

The truth about site submission and why it's easier than you think

'404 page' techniques you must know

Quick, effective keyword techniques

Internal linking secrets

The 'do follow' techniques that most newbies have never come across

How to use forums to drive targeted traffic to your sites

Getting traffic from directories

The truth about article marketing

Classified ads - exactly how to use them

Viral traffic generation

Getting other marketers to send you traffic for free

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